What is it about red?

There is just something about a girl (or a guy) wearing a red swimsuit and I can’t put my finger on what it is….

Is it the lifeguard thing?  A Ferrari thing?

Today I’m going to post some pics of chicks in red swimsuits, swing by my blog AussieSpeedoGuy.org for a blog post featuring some hot guys in red speedos.

Darn these girls look great in their red swimsuits!!!!

Lifeguard Swimsuit

Red Swimsuit

Were Strap On’s Invented for Lesbians?

When I think of strap ons, first to mind comes a woman using a strap on, on me. But I suppose they were probably invented for girls to use on other girls right?

This photo shoot is one of my favourites…. it combines so many of my favourite things, Jess West (the brunette), chicks in one piece lycra swimsuits, strap ons and outdoor sex.

I once had a girlfriend who was a couple of years older than me, she was a little spitfire and looking back I suppose we were more fuck buddies than boyfriend/girlfriend.  She mentioned one night in bed, after a few drinks and some sloppy drunk sex, that she’d love to fuck a guy with a strap on.

I’ve never had a girl fuck me or ever even bring the subject up, I thought it was super hot so I bought her one.  We only got to use it twice before I moved back to Australia but it was pretty hot and the chick brings it up in conversation whenever we talk online…. she says that no other guy she has been with since has let her fuck him.

Later this week I’ll share some more girl using a strap on, on a guy photos in case that is more your thing.

I hope you guys enjoy these pics as much as I am.

Strap on Girls

Girls Fucked with Strap On

Swimsuit Strap On Lesbians


I have a bunch of galleries of chicks wearing one piece swimsuits that I have to sort through but I chose this one for a reason.

This chick looks like a college girlfriend of mine.

She was Norwegian and I’m pretty sure I could mention her name but I won’t just in case she is reading this blog.  We hung out for months and I liked her the first time I met her but I just wasn’t sure if I could make a move.

Turns out, she wanted me to make a move.

When I finally did, it was amazing.  We were both hammered and ended up making out on the dance floor of this pub.  My buddies told me it was pretty sloppy.  We ended up back at her place and being 18yo, the booze did wonders for my longevity and I didn’t cum after 2 strokes which is the MO of every 18yo.

We dated for the semester until she flew home from Norway….. this chick looks just like her and it is why I chose to share these with you guys first.

Blonde or Ginger?

I love this photo shoot.  The one piece swimsuits are just soooo sexy and the girls are hot.

I’m usually a blonde man but I think the red head in this shoot is just gorgeous.  She look sporty and looks like she’d be all sorts of fun.  Which do you like more?

On my site SpeedoFetish.com I have a bisexual/miscellaneous page where I put galleries and movies like this that I find hot.  Check it out – www.SpeedoFetish.com/bisexalmovies.asp