Forced Blowjob

Last night I got to catch up with the swinging couple in Queenstown again.

Fo0ling around with new sexual partners is fun but I personally find the subsequent sexual encounters much more satisfying as everyone knows what to do and what should go where.

Turns out they really enjoyed my bisexuality and since I had only really played with the husbands balls, the wife was keen to watch me suck him off.

Again both husband and I were wearing black speedos which were rather quickly removed.  With some foreplay the wife asked me to suck her husband off and with his approval I got to work.  She was talking pretty dirty to the husband and after a little while I managed to make him cum.  I let him unload into my mouth but instead of swallowing it I waited until the wife came and started kissing me.

From there things turned pretty hot between the wife and I.  She and I were fucking each other pretty hard with the husband watching us and slowly stroking his cock back to hardness.

The wife noticed that I was getting pretty close so she broke it off, literally ripped the condom from my cock and started sucking me off.  After a little while she told, or more like ordered, her husband to come over and help her out.

They had obviously spoken about this before hand because he was much more eager to put my cock in his mouth than he was during our first sexual excounter.

I was really close to start with and with the wife working my balls and the husband working my cock I told them I was about to cum.  At this the wife put her hand on the back of her husbands head and told him to take my cum in his mouth.  He did a pretty good job and took all of my cum in his mouth.  He pulled off my cock and the wife forced him to swallow my cum.  When he proved to her that he had swallowed my cum she started kissing him.  Then the two of them fucked each other stupid infront of me.

Husband and wife were really going for it and I was more than happy to watch their show.

It was really hot and I don’t think I softened that much at all after my blowjob.  The husband flipped his wife over onto her knees and entered her from behind.  He was really slamming her now and she was moaning.  I was soooo turned on looking into her eyes as she was being fucked hard and I was stoking my cock really hard and getting close again.

I won the ejactulation race and I’m sure my moans put the husband and wife couple over the edge.

I really hope I get to play with them again before I leave (I’m still not sure when I’ll leave either).

Husband (& wife) sucking me off

This is the third installment of my threesome with a married couple.  Scroll down to read the previous parts……

Round two saw us move from the couch to the bed.  The three of us were chatting casually, the wife was between husband and myself and all 6 of our hands were slowly exploring each other.

I was grateful for cooling down a little bit.

Conversation turned sexual of course.  Turns out this couple are as open sexually as I was lead to believe.  Turns out the weekend before, after a night out on the town the wife got talking to 3 Aussie guys outside a pub.  The husband arrive and invited the three guys (who were 100% str8) if they wanted to come back to their home and fuck his wife.  All three of them thought that sounded like a great idea and the wife was fucked by the guys one at a time on the couch.  Then they went home.

I thought this was pretty hot and by the time they had finished detailing this story I was hard as a rock and ready to go again.

The wife noticed just how much my cock was straining in the black lycra of my speedos and she suggested that we all get naked.  It took about 10 seconds for husband and I to get out of our speedos and for the wife to get out of her white bikini.

This time the wife got her lips wrapped around my rock hard cock.  The husband started to move behind here in a similar position to what we had enjoyed on the couch but the wife stopped him and moved around into a 69 position and told the husband to start fucking her.

This is my favourite threesome position.  I get to eat some pussy, my cock is being sucked and I can play with the guys cock and in particular his balls.

I was licking the wife’s clit as the husband slowly inserted his rock hard cock into her pussy.  That distracted the wife from sucking my cock as she muffled a groan of pleasure from between my legs.

After a few strokes of husbands cock in the wife I started playing with his balls with my right hand.  It is a little tricky licking pussy when there is a big hard cock thrusting in and out of it and over the next couple of minutes I turned my attention from the wife’s pussy to the husbands balls.  He had mentioned in our online conversations that he didn’t have any interest in being fucked by a guy so I didn’t venture to start playing with his arsehole.

The husband was enjoying the attention I was giving his balls so much that he was moaning and telling me to suck his balls  This wife thought this was pretty hot and started talking dirty telling husband to fuck her harder while I suck his balls.

Things were getting really hot now and husband and wife were both getting very vocal.

The husband was getting closer and closer and when the husbands balls tensed up I knew he was about to cum.  He unloaded into his wifes pussy and my chin was getting covered in pussy juice and cum.

I got myself out from under the wife before I was drowned in sexual juices but before the husband had even pulled his cock out of her pussy she and I were making out as she enjoyed the taste of her and her husband.

I’ve got to leave it there guys.  I’ve posted the final part of this story on my site  The members over there help me pay my rent so I have to make sure they get something for their $5 membership.  You should swing by and check it out – there is a library of bisexual threesome movies in there for you to enjoy as well as more of my bisexual experiences.


I’m in Queenstown

The trip went really smooth, train down to the airport and the flight was good although a bit rough coming into to land. It is windy enough to blow Christ off his Cross but I didn’t have any intention of going snowboarding today anyway. There is a bit of snow down low which makes town look really pretty.

I’m staying at an old friend of mines place – it is actually a granny flat below their house. It isn’t 100% private but it is my own space and since I haven’t decided when I’ll go home it should be nice. And he has a spare car which is awesome!!!

Well I better head off – dinner tonight catching up with some old friends.

One thing I will be chasing up over the next few days is a couple that are serious swingers that I have met online over here. Should be interesting to see where (if anywhere) that leads.

Here are some pics of Queenstown that I’ve taken myself the last few times I have been here.