Speedo Blog Fan

So I’ve been talking to the Blog Fan who is coming up to the coast tomorrow and going to be up here through the weekend.

He seems like a really nice guy.

We are going to meet where I first saw him tanning, right outside my back door.  He is going to wear the speedos he was wearing when I first saw him and I’m going to wear my red Arena speedos.  I just hope the neighbour girls are at work that day.

Any other suggestions apart from wearing red speedos?

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Is someone stalking me?

How was everyone’s New Years?

It was a pretty quiet one here, I watched fireworks from the beach and I was well behaved considering some of my past New Years exploits – I probably still drank too much though.

This time of year town is crazy busy – cars heading into Terrigal are backed up all the way to the roundabout near the Pub most days.  Thankfully, the house is loaded with food and I can walk everywhere and don’t have to battle all the tourists in town.

The beach is pretty busy as well so no naughty opportunities probably until school and uni goes back at the end of Jan.

Normally things being busy is 100% a pain but today, just outside my back door was a guy, in speedos lying on the beach.  He wasn’t far from the property boundary.  I got up for a swim (wearing a pair of black Arena speedos) and then I was doing some work and it was only when I was in the kitchen making more coffee that I noticed him.

A couple of thoughts went through my head:

  • Am I still drunk from last night and seeing things?
  • Does this guy read my blog and is trying to find me?  If you live in Terrigal and read this blog you can probably figure out where I live pretty easily.
  • What do I do now?

I don’t usual wear speedos on the beach except first thing in the morning but when I saw this guy I thought I’d change up my routine.  I ran into my room to look for my Turbo speedos (the ones in the header).  I figured that if this guy was looking for me that wearing those speedos would make it pretty obvious he had the right place.

However…… just as I got those Turbos on and I was about to walk down the beach and jump into the surf my front door opened and two of my mates walked in with beers in hand.  I heard them walk in and then I remembered that last night I told them to come over and watch the first day of the cricket.


I threw on some board shorts over the top of my speedos and joined my mates.  Since it was a pretty good looking day (not a cloud in the sky and just a little wind) We moved my TV into my doorway and sat outside with an esky and started watching the cricket.

The guy on the beach was in full view of the boys and nobody cared which I really liked and continue to like about Australia and our general outlook towards speedos – even though these guys wouldn’t wear speedos on the beach like that themselves.

I didn’t notice the guy get up and leave but it was a bit of a shame that I couldn’t show him my support for his speedo’ing it up right outside my back door.

If that guy is reading this blog definitely drop me a line, mention what type of speedos you were wearing (I intentionally didn’t mention it in this post so I could verify you).

Since I had some speedo eye candy this morning I should share some with you guys.  The speedo guy outside my back door was about 30yo, a real man, broad shoulders, slightly hair chest….. just imagine what he could do to me……

Hair Chest Gay ModelRead Speedo ManReal Speedo MenReal Speedo ManNew Zealand Speedo

Girls Tanlines

I love a guy with a solid speedo tan and I have to say that since I moved back my speedo tan is looking maybe the best it ever has.  Probably because I’ve been swimming at the pool in the middle of day, not so much from actually lying on the beach.

Girls have it a little harder with tanlines and sometimes it doesn’t quite work out.  I remember growing up and as a member of the surf life saving club some of the girls spent a lot of time out in the sun and some tanlines looked good, but some didn’t quite look so good.

These girls below look fantastic!!!

That bottom pic I think is funny – if I saw that on a chick I’d love it.

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