Great Speedos

I only really have one pair of ‘funky’/’fun’ speedos, my Turbos which you guys have seen a bunch of pics of (if not click here for an old post with pics of them).

Having a pair of funky speedos has been good as I did wear them to the beach one day when I was hanging out with a bunch of my str8 friends (both guys and girls) and people were able to laugh them off.  I haven’t worn them to the pool yet but I promise I will next week.

Check out this guy in his ‘funky’ speedos.  I think they are great, I’m not a fan of his tattoos but he does look sensational in those speedos.


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I’m honestly not a huge fan of tattoos.  It hasn’t, and wouldn’t stop me from fucking or dating someone, all things the same, I’d prefer no tattoos.

I don’t have any tattoos and I have no intention right now to get any.

Funny thing is, in porn, models without tattoos are paid more…. which to me says that people prefer no tattoos.  If people liked tattoos – then porn actors and actresses would be paid more to have them.

Check out these girls in their bikinis below…. they are gorgeous and have smashing bodies and then… someone graffitied all over them.

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole tattoo thing so leave a comment.

I’ve posted some pics of guys with tattoos over on my speedo blog –

G-String TattoosHorrible Tattoos

Tramp Stamps

I’m really keen to hear from you guys on this topic.

I don’t have any tattoo’s and I can’t see myself ever getting one. I’m not completely anti-tattoo, these days a lot of friends have tattoos but I don’t get it.

Growing up, people with tattoos were old bikers or Vietnam vets, remember the ‘Love/Hate’ tattoos on people knuckles? A really good Aussie chick friend of mine who is a bit older than me, she was the first chick I knew to have a tramp stamp, she had 7 butterfly tattoos and it used to be her pickup line when someone commented on one of her tattoos that she had 6 more if the guy would like to try and find them. Hahaha.

I saw this chick a year or more ago, she is now mid to late 40’s, still looks great but doesn’t have the body of a 20yo anymore and she hates her tattoos and explained how expensive it is to remove them.

Another point is that adult models without tattoos get paid more. That is a market driven thing. I know I’ve had speedo model applicants on my site who I’ve not worked with because of a bunch of horrible tattoos.

Check out this guy in the first photo, absolutely smokin’, what an amazing package and the tattoo on his stomach isn’t offensive but I wonder if it will look like that when he is in his 40’s, 50’s or beyond? I know some super hot guys in that age range but pulling off an 8 pack is pretty rare.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts guys.

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