Swimming Thong

I still haven’t found a thong that I want to buy…. any suggestions?

Currently I have one thong (I promise I’ll get some selfies for you guys in the next couple of weeks) but it doesn’t have a drawstring so it doesn’t stay on very well and the front pouch doesn’t really old my junk in.

If anyone has any suggestions on a swimming thong please let me know.  Maybe next summer I will work on a thong tan instead of my speedo tan.

Thong Thursday

Thong Bomb

Happy Thong Thursday guys.

Just a quick post as I am writing up what happened at Masters Swimming on Tuesday evening.  It was really fucking hot.  If you don’t see it tomorrow, it is because it will be available to members only.

The people involved told me I could write about it but to be very very very discrete.

Becoming a member is only $5 – click here to join.

Thong Thursday

Goose Pimple Thong

Happy Thong Thursday everyone!!!

When I saw this photo I thought it would be perfect.  To be honest, I haven’t worn my thong out in public anywhere since I got back to Australia.  I really need to buy something (or make something – I have dreams of creating my line of Dave Evans Swimwear).

I haven’t seen anyone (girl or guy) in a thong either since I got back.  Not sure how to fix that.

Have you ever worn a thong when it was just a little too cold like it might be for this young lady?

White Thong

Butt Plugs – Thong Thursday

I mentioned last week that when I had Kip tied up and waiting to be fucked he had a butt plug in.  I’ve long been a fan of butt plugs when playing with both girls and guys.

It is a great way to slowly start someone (guy or girl) on the path to receiving full blown anal.  This is how I started receiving and now I can really take some cock.

I also had a female fuck buddy who had a major fantasy of DP (double penetration) with a guy fucking her pussy and a guy fucking her arse.  When we would get horny and be fooling around I would fuck her doggy style and fuck her arse with a butt plug or dildo and we’d both fantasize about her having two cocks inside her.

We ended up fulfilling that fantasy but that is another story.

Here are a bunch of girls who are enjoying their butt plugs – this counts as a Thong Thursday post right?

Butt Plug