Bondage isn’t for everyone

One of my long time members sent me through these photos that were taken of him a little while ago during a speedo bondage session with a pretty well known guy in Sydney.

It was a first for this member and while his love of speedos is long standing, he hadn’t had much experience with bondage at all and was excited to explore this with a bit of a master at speedo bondage.

Turns out that while the member enjoyed it, was super horny, felt like he was in a safe environment, he came away thinking that it isn’t really something that will be part of his regular routine.  We spoke back and forward on email a bit discussing it and it was interesting, and insightful to hear his thoughts on it.

I suppose just because we have a fantasy, doesn’t always mean it will be as hot in person.

Thanks to this long time member for allowing me to share the photos of his session, it looks pretty hard hot to me.

Bikini Bondage

Bondage has just been on my mind lately…..  It all started when I finished writing about when I tied myself up to surprise Alex when he came over (click here to read that story).

I am in the process of writing an alternative/fictional ending to that experience where somehow I get caught by one of the chicks who live next door to me.  Be sure to check back for that story in the next couple of days.

Anyone want me to tie them up?


I usually wake up horny…. who doesn’t right?  It is funny how my dirty mind wandered when I’m horny and today I had my morning jerk off thinking about the time when I blindfolded and tied myself up.

I wrote about that experience if you are interested.

Now that I am horny again I’m going to go back and read the piece of fantasy that I wrote about where Alex and I get caught in that situation by one of the my neighbours.  Let me know what you think about it, I think I have only ever written one other fantasy/fiction story before (Speedo Waiter).