Married Speedo Guys

I love it when I hear from str8 or married guys who love speedos.

When it comes to speedos, I want everyone to wearing them more and not to be just a ‘gay’ thing.

Over on the Speedo Forum ( I saw a post of a guy in these tiny Neptune Specter speedos.  This guy, who goes by SU, commented that he thought it was funny when the UPS guy came to the door with a tiny package which was labeled as ‘Male Swimwear’. SU said his wife thought it was funny too.

Before posting these photos I shot SU an email and he sounds like a pretty cool guy and he said it was OK to post these pics.

Married Speedo GuyMarried Speedo GuysMarried and SpeedosStraight Guys in SpeedosStraight Speedo Guy


Growing up I swam, was a junior lifeguard and played every other sport (cricket, rugby, tennis) but I never played waterpolo.  I can’t even remember hearing of anyone playing it.

It is probably a shame, I think waterpolo and my speedo fetish would go hand in hand – or hand in speedo.

Here are some pics from a new photo gallery that I have been working on.  Just imagine what these guys are getting up to in the change rooms after practice……

Waterpolo Players in Tiny Speedos Waterpolo Player Waterpolo Team Mates

Aqux Speedos

Aqux just emailed me some pics of their new square-cut swimwear line.

For those of you who don’t know of Aqux, they make these tiny Asian style speedos. I’ve only bought one pair (the pair that I sent to the new model applicants) and although they were their largest size, they were still wayyyy tooo small for me.

They look great but holy moly they are expensive as well. They do have some hot product photo shoots of some smooth, hot Asian guys though so I can’t complain at all.

Aqux Brazilian SwimsuitAquxAqux SwimshortsAqux Squarecut Swimwear

N2N Speedo Monday

Today I’ve decided to make it N2N Speedo Monday – insteaed of my usual habit of picking a colour.

I’ve had some progress with my new pad in San Francisco – hopefully I’ll have some concrete news for you guys in the next couple of days. Although – the weather in the Rockies has been absolutely gorgeous.

And here is another one that I just found – this time in purple.