Speedo Photo of the Day

How was your weekend guys?

I’m back feeling good and looking forward to a big week and the sun is out.

I thought I should mention that today is the 600th Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site SwimmerBoyz.com.

This is a part of the site that I added a few years ago and it has been great.

I was wondering who I should make the 600th speedo photo of the day and one guy came to mind…….

Speedo Photo of the Day


This was a topic that was brought up the other day on TheSpeedoForum.com which I wasn’t aware of.

These speedos (worn by the British Diving team at the London Olympics) recently sold on eBay for 510 pounds – about USD$800. Holy moly!!!!

Would you ever pay that much for a speedo? Too rich for my taste. I think I should go and get a bunch of these made up and then I could quit my day job.

Texan chick is due in a couple of hours and I’m having trouble not blowing my load right now, I am really horny.  She did mention that she likes to ‘please during sex’.  I might take her up on that as she walks in the door and ask her to please me.  I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

British Diving Speedo

Here are some pics of Tom Daley (British Diver) who made these speedo famous, expensive and famously expensive.

Tom Daley SpeedoDual Speedo DiversTom Daley Speedo Diver

Tom Daley – in my speedos

I know I promised not to post any more Olympics photos but I’m going to categorize this post as a ‘Tom Daley’ wearing my favourite ADIDAS speedos posts and really doesn’t have to do with the Olympics themselves.

When the Olympics was on I was posting pics of Tom and I thought his speedos were for the US Diving team but you guys pointed out my error – I’m sorry I don’t follow diving except for speedo purposes.

Since it was pointed out to me I’ve done a little research and lowered my stupidity level by a little bit.

He is cute AND when I saw these pics of him in the black 3-stripe ADIDAS speedos – of which are my personal favourites – I just had to share them. I hope you guys don’t mind – hahaha.