Shorty Shorts

I’m working on writing about my first experience with the Married Guy.  Hopefully have it ready to share with you guys in the next couple of days.  In the mean time I have posted a bit of a recap over on my blog

Today I wanted to post about shorty shorts!!!  I love shorty shorts!!!  I don’t think they look that good on blokes but on girls I love it.

Now I wonder if when girls hang out in skimpy swimwear that things ever turn sexual?  I know for sure that I’ve had many sexual experiences that have been initiated by wearing speedos with other guys…..

Short ShortsTopless in Short ShortsLesbian Foursome Train

Snow Bunnies

Two days ago I posted a bunch of pics of guys in speedos in the snow…. this is my bisexual blog so I thought you guys (and girls) would like some pics of ladies in the snow.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any snowbunnies while I’m here in Breckenridge.

One Piece Speedo Swimsuit

Did you guys enjoy the posts over the last couple of days?  I know I enjoyed reminiscing and it has made me even more excited to get over to Colorado.

I have no idea how things will be between Kip’s sister and myself but she is a really cool chick so I’m sure it will be fun just to catch up even without anything naughty happening.

I went through my archives and found this chick wearing a one piece speedo swimsuit similar to what Kip’s sister wore that night before she got down to wearing her Wicked Weasel.

Speedo SwimsuitOne Piece Speedo SwimsuitStripping out of swimsuitTopless Swimsuit

Speedo Threesome

I can’t believe how hot this photo is!!!

The speedos that the guys are wearing are just perfect, the guys bodies are perfect, the girl being topless is perfect and her body is perfect as well.

I wish I was one of the guys, an extra guy added to the threesome or just the guy behind the camera to see what happens next.

And I also added a second photo which I think is pretty hot as well!!!

Speedo Threesome MFMThreesome MFM