Dry Spell

I haven’t been posting much ‘bisexual’ stuff here lately because I honestly haven’t been having many bisexual experiences lately.

Well, I suppose last month I was in Vegas fucking Penny and Pat – click here to read that.

Since I have been posting more gay stuff I thought I’d share with you a collection of hot chicks in one piece lycra swimsuits.  Enjoy guys.

Meeting Penny and Pat

Last weekend I was invited, by Penny and Pat to join them in Vegas for their anniversary.

This invitation wasn’t to catch up or celebrate, it was an invitation to fuck them both. I had met Penny and Pat on the speedo Forum that I run. Pat was a swimmer in school and had always had a thing for speedos. He met Penny in college and she is turned on by guys in speedos and encouraged Pat’s fetish. Over the years we exchanged photos and stories.

Penny and Pat had experienced sex with more than just each other but only after a game of strip poker and there was no bisexual contact, it was two couples just swapping partners.

Pat has no guy/guy experience but it very curious and seeing her husband with another guy is Penny’s number one fantasy.

When Penny and Pat decided to spend a couple of days in Vegas for their 6th wedding anniversary they shot me a message asking if I’d like to join them. Of course I’d love to join them!

Without further a due, I’m going to hand this over to Penny…

Pat and I were soooo excited. It has been a long winter and the idea of hanging out at the pool in 95 degree heat just sounded divine. Who am I kidding, we were both excited to finally meet the famous Dave Speedo Evans in person and even more excited for what the three of us would get up to in the bedroom.

We were staying at Planet Hollywood, Dave was staying at Paris and expected to get in a few hours before we arrived. Since Paris has the nicer pool, we agreed to meet there around 3pm.

Despite the excitement, we were both a little nervous for sure but we were both eager beavers. After lining up to check in, we got to our room and wanted to get to the pool ASAP. I put on my black bikini with a loose dress over the top, Pat put on his red speedos (both our favorites). It was only then that Pat realized I hadn’t packed ANY shorts for him. He wasn’t upset but he was bothered a little bit. I figured that if we ate out he would wear jeans and during the day we’d be either in the pool or the hotel room so his speedos should be enough.

While Pat was a swimmer in school and a little bit in college, he isn’t totally comfortable wearing his speedo out in public. He definitely has but more often than not it is as a joke, after a few drinks or somewhere that we don’t know anybody. Having no choice but to wear his little red speedos in Vegas was outside the box for Pat but like I say, he didn’t have any choice.

We poured a drink, Pat wrapped a towel around his waist and we headed down to the pool.

The pool at Paris is gorgeous and huge. I was surprised just how many people were there, hundreds. There was no way to get a chair that close to the pool which made me smile because it meant that Pat would have to walk past a lot of people in his speedo.

He did it though, I felt proud that Pat turned a few heads in his red speedo. He still has that swimmers build that I love and he looks amazing just in a speedo. We slipped into the pool with our drinks and continued to look around for Dave…. Pat spotted him first.

We had gotten in the pool nearly the complete opposite side of the pool from him but once I saw him he stood out. He was the only other guy, out of hundreds, wearing a speedo, a black speedo. Dave was sitting on the side of the pool just below the lifeguard chair, drink in hand, red baseball cap and looking straight at us with a cheese eating grin that we could see from the 100 yards or so across the pool. The pool isn’t very deep, belly button depth maybe so we started working our way through the throngs of people towards Dave.

It felt like we took for ever to cross that darn pool, the whole time I could feel Dave looking at us and as we got closer I could see that Dave looked hot. Unlike Pat, Dave’s tan was all over and didn’t show the white thighs of a guy who doesn’t usually wear speedos in public like Pat. And he oozed confidence.

As we got within 10 yards or so Dave slipped into the pool and walked towards us. It was like old friends catching up after not seeing each other for years. Hand shakes and hugs all round, toasting our drinks and laughing about Pat being forced to ‘speedo it up’ as Dave says. While I’m sure Pat felt awkward walking from our towels to the pool, after a few minutes it really didn’t seem like a big deal, or any deal, at all. We ended up sitting on some steps right near the lifeguard, Dave went off to grab more drinks and we settled in for a wonderful afternoon.

As the shadows got longer we moved around the pool to avoid the shadow of the fake Eiffel Tower, different people joined us and chatted, we chatted to the lifeguard (just a kid) who took some photos for us. Dave’s mobile phone is waterproof so we had some fun with that (yes I have those photos but they are for private consumption only).

Throughout the afternoon the drinks flowed and we really did have a great time.

Pat and Dave got a little bit of attention from two groups of girls so perhaps somewhere out there in social media there are some pics of my husband and the famous Dave Speedo Evans in the pool in their speedos. If you find some, please send them through to us.

Things finally wound down and it was time to exit pool right. Dave suggested we all get changed and meet at his room for some drinks but I was really horny and keen to get the naughty part of Vegas going. I countered Dave’s suggestion and said he should come back with us to our hotel room. He didn’t argue. We packed up, Dave put on some shorts over his speedos, Pat wrapped a towel around his waist, I threw my light dress over my bikini and we headed back.

Things had been so great at the pool that any reservations I had about our first real threesome were alleviated and now I was just horny to start the action. From the semi chub that Pat had in the front of his red speedo for the last hour, he was feeling the same.

We were on the twenty something floor and after some people got out on lower floors we had the elevator to ourselves and Dave asked us if we were ready for what was about to happen….. Pat and I both answered in the affirmative, things were about to get hot and I was about to see my husband fuck and suck another man. It felt like the anticipation before I lost my virginity, and I guess this was going to be the popping of our bisexual threesome cherry.

Finally some pussy

As regular readers of this blog and AussieSpeedoGuy.net will know, I’ve had a bit of a dry spell when it comes to the ladies.  That all changed last night/earlier this morning.  I’m actually writing this post while lying out the pool of the hotel (New York, New York) so if you are reading this on your phone or pad then come over and say g’day.

So the crew arrived and we were having some drinks and one of the guys quietly says into my ear, Allison loves Aussie guys you lucky bugger.  I was still struggling with everyone’s names at that stage but I remembered who Allison was, cute brunette, nurse from Columbus Ohio.

I can now confirm that yes, Allison does LOVE AUSSIES!!!

Once I knew that the rest of the night and into the wee hours of the morning I could tell Allison wanted it but we played it cool.  Kip ended up picking up as well with the help of his sister so there was no problems in asking Allison back to our room.

If I do say so myself, I put one a wonderful performance.  Obviously we had been partying pretty hard but I was pretty good and a little liquor helped me last longer than usual and Allison did get the famous ‘Aussie Kiss’ – leave a comment if you know what that is…..

Tonight we are off for dinner at a bar on the top of the Mandalay Bay which I haven’t been to before for the birthday girls birthday dinner.  No doubt Allison will be waking up in my room yet again.  Time to get back in the pool, gorgeous day here in Vegas!!!

Ow I nearly forgot, Kip and I speedo’d it up in the pool yesterday.  Lying around in board shorts mostly but swam in speedos only.  We were the only ones in speedos of course but nobody seemed to care or even look twice.  There was a girl that we were talking to who was wearing a thong bikini.  First time I’ve seen that in the US as well which was wonderful.  Here bikini bottoms were just like the ones in the first 2 pic below.  Allison was wearing a little black G-string which didn’t stay on for long either.

GString BikiniGstringsGBlack Thong

Vegas BABY!!!

Quick post before Kip and I was out the door for Vegas BABY!!!!

11hr drive according to the GPS but I think we gain an hour so we should be there by 4pm this afternoon!!!

We are staying at New York, New York and we have a day there on our own before the crew arrives for the birthday celebrations (a friend of Kip’s sister – there is going to be like 20 of us apparently and I don’t know anyone).

Last time I was in Vegas was fun but the first, last and only time I was in Reno was one hell of an evening. Maybe during the drive I’ll put some of that experience in writing to share with you guys.

Should be interesting to see what kind of trouble we get into….

Here is some speedo eye candy for you guys, big boys, in very small speedos.

Jetski SpeedoWaterski SpeedoTriathlonSmall Speedo