Waking up to 5″

This morning Kip woke up to 5″ (12.5cms) of powder in Breckenridge, I have a feeling that by the end of the day he’ll have received more than 5″ (I suppose I’m pretty average 7″ sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less).

I’m writing this blog post from the back of an airport shuttle sitting on Interstate 70 on my way from Denver Airport to Kip’s place in Breckenridge.  It has been one heck of a long day that started at my front door, train from Gosford, Sydney to LA, LA to Denver, train from the terminal to baggage and now a shuttle.

I got a little sleep on the plane but I am looking forward to stripping down to my speedos, pouring a stiff drink and getting into Kip’s hottub.

Then a blowjob would be perfect – hehehe – Kip are you reading this?

Hottub SpeedosBlack Speedo SelfieGrindr Speedo GuyHottub

Wet Speedos

Monday morning here in Aussie and I’m surprisingly up early and ready to tackle the week.

I’ve had some interesting developments work wise which fingers crossed might be finalized later this week.  If it all comes off it should be fun.  I will keep you guys posted.

Today, and in the next few weeks I’m going to really try and get back in the pool.  Being a little colder these days I’m not surfing as much so I don’t want that arm flab.

Here is my motivation to get in the pool.

Wet Speedo BoysBlack and White Speedo PhotoXL Speedo PackageSpeedo Dick

3 weeks until beach time!!!

Last night was a hoot guys.  Surprisingly I feel pretty good and just doing some work and waiting for the football to start.

Three weeks today and I’ll be able to go for a swim after a big night out at the Beery or the Terrigal Pub.

I haven’t had a change to write about my threesome last month but I might sit down and write about that this afternoon so keep an eye out tomorrow.

Speedo YumSpeedo Square CutsShowering in SpeedosMasculine Speedo GuySmall Speedos

I know, I know…. another White Speedo Monday

I know that I have had a general bias on my “Speedo Monday’s” colour to white but I have just sooooo many pics of hot guys in white speedos.

Leave a comment on what colour you’d like me to pick for next Monday and I promise I won’t have yet another ‘White Speedo Monday’.

Does this first guy have the most amazing body ever or what?