Black or White?

Since I am asking you guys to choose…. I like the black one piece swimsuit.  Just classic, love that bikini tanline as well.

Leave me a comment on what you think – how are you guys finding the new way the comments work?  If it isn’t working or you don’t like it please let me know

White One Piece SwimsuitBlack One Piece Swimsuit

Beautiful Couple at the Pool

At the pool yesterday I notice this couple walk in together, both around 30yo I suppose and it looked like they were there during their work lunch hour.  I’d never seen either of them at the pool before.

I was in the pool before this couple, wearing a pair of black Corka nylon speedos,

You can see my Corka speedos pictured here when I was at Lake Powell last summer:

Speedos at Lake Powell

I did 2 lengths of the pool, up and back, and my goggles were quite right so I stopped to fix them and as I did I got the most amazing view of these two walking to the lane next to me, him in a classic black speedo, her in a navy blue speedo one piece.

If I had stared any longer I would have boned up immediately so I got back to my swimming.  I got glances of them under the water but nothing like that first view of them.

Just in case there is any chance they are reading this blog, feel free to reach out, say g’day or even invite me to join you guys anytime.

Beach Couple in Skimpy SwimsuitsMatching White Swimsuits

New One Piece Movie

I’ve added 2 new movies to the Bisexual Movies section of my site

This part of the site has been slowly growing over the years and there are some really hot, full length, HD movies in there.

Check out some screen shots from one of the latest movies. It features this hot chick in a white ASICS one piece swimsuit and a fit asian guy.  What I really love is that she keeps the swimsuit on throughout the entire movie.

Check out the bisexual page –

One Piece Swimsuit FetishWhite One Piece SwimsuitSex in a one piece swimsuitFucked in one piece swimsuitSwimsuit fetish movie