Wicked Weasel One Piece

I have mentioned that I’ve been enjoying the number of chicks in one piece swimsuits this summer.  One other thing I’ve been enjoying is the number of girls here in Aussie who are wearing bikini bottoms that aren’t ‘full’.  Not g-strings or thongs, but not covering the whole thing.

Last weekend for example, the wife of one of my friends (who looks great even after two kids) had bikini bottoms that didn’t cover it all.  I was impressed!!!!

The future Mrs. Evans better like not wearing ‘full’ bottoms as well – hehehe.  As if I’ll have a say in it.

Pink Thongs

Last week for Thong Thursday I posted a pic of a guy wearing a pink thong.  I mentioned at the time that I have personally never owned a pink thong, or speedo, or underwear…. I just don’t know if I could pull it off.

Maybe I will have to try it one day.

I promised that this week I’d post pics of chicks in pink thongs and here you go.  My personal favourite is this first blonde chick….. OMG she is cutie!!!

Pink Thong


Thong Thursday

I saw this on the Twitter the other day, guys posting a Thong Thursday and I thought it would be a great idea.

The pic below is my favourite thong photo of all time.

Since I love wearing speedos in the pool and at the beach, I’m not really much of a thong guy for practical reasons but when wore correctly, they look fantastic.

Over on the SpeedoForum.org, I’ve added a Thong forum at the request of some of the members.  Head over check it out and contribute if you are interested.  Joining the forum is free, just register and shoot me an email so I can activate your account (had to start that process to keep spam off the forum).

I do own one thong, just a classic black one.  In the spirit of Thong Thursday, I think I’m going to wear it all day.

Male G-String Bikini

And a white thong for you guys……

White Wicked Weasel Thong