Speedo Shopping

Bit of a grey old Saturday afternoon here on the Australian Central East Coast which is a bit of a bummer.  Not a whole lot happening so I’ve spent most of the day at the coal face.

After selling maybe half of my speedo collection last week I am in the market for some new speedos, probably more ‘classic’ speedos than what I got rid of I think.

One thing I won’t be buying are speedos of the colours below – they are just horrible!!!

The guys are gorgeous so is anyone really complaining?

Green SpeedoYellow SpeedosOdd Colour of SpeedosPink SpeedoErection in Yellow Speedo

I feel great today

How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine, ow lordy, lord.  I’m not sure there is any alcohol left on the Central NSW Coast after what we did over the weekend.

Nothing too naughty but we did party pretty hard celebrating Alex’s new found bachelorhood.  Saturday started off awesome as well with the Wallabies spanking the All Blacks (rugby between Australia and New Zealand).  That put everyone in a good mood and some of the guys that were over watching it weren’t intending on going out but decided to.  We all rocked on down to the Beery (beer garden) and pretty much shut the place down.  Two of the boys were asked to leave due to their level of intoxication.

Most of us made it to closing, then loitered in the streets for a while, grabbed a kebab, then grabbed a second kebab, then walked down the beach to my place.  Nothing naughty with Alex since there were a few of the other boys crashing.

Sunday morning we did manage to go for a surf which was probably the best thing we could have ever done.  Then we pretty much just chilled out, the barbie (bbq/grill) was on all day and then even ordered some Godfathers Pizza.  Yesterday I kind of just slept a bunch and cleaned up the house, today I woke up feeling fantastic and I’ve been super productive.

I’ll talk more about Alex later this week if you guys are interested in what happened.

Anyway, time for some speedo eye candy.

Which of these speedos do you like better?  Yellow?

Yellow SpeedoGuy in Yellow SpeedosYellow Speedos

Or camo?

Camo SpeedoFun Speedos on Hot GuyMuscle Guy in Camo Speedo

Yellow Speedo

I have never owned a pair of yellow speedos. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of yellow speedos on a guy in the flesh. I’m not really a fan.

Until I saw these pics. Yummy!!!!

Does anyone know who makes these?

I really like how the drawstring is on the outside – what do you guys think? Would you like that on my DE Swimwear or do you prefer the drawstring on the inside?

Yellow SpeedosYellow SpeedoCute Bum in Yellow Speedo