Tinder – str8 peoples Grindr

Has anyone here used Tinder?  It is like the str8 version of Grindr.

I can’t imagine that it works anywhere near as well as Grindr.

I remember a few years ago a chick that I know was all upset that Grindr existed but nothing for str8 people.  We had a mutual gay friend (she didn’t know I like guys too) and he was telling her that he had hooked up on a train in Europe.

This chick was all upset that it was only for gay people but then I asked her if she would ever hook up with a random guy on a train and her response was “Ow no, I’d never do that.”  Hence why I didn’t think it would work in a str8 environment.

Would love to hear if anyone has used Tinder.

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Let me know what you are thinking mate.....