Turns ons

I’ve always found it funny/interesting what turns me on and I wonder if being bisexual (at least that is how I define my sexuality) means that just lots and lots of things turn me on.

Take these pics below, so much about this turns me on, the black speedos, the cut of the speedos, the erection, the stretched lycra, the chick rubbing that erection, there is nothing bad about these photos at all.

What turns you on most about these?

Black Asics SpeedoAsics SpeedoAsics Swimwear

4 thoughts on “Turns ons

  1. The Asian girl gives me wood just thinking about her stroking me in my speedo.
    i am str8 for sure, but love the feel of Poly or Lycra around the package and having such a sweet and lovely young woman stimulate you must really be special.

  2. @Pat Corbett its ok going to track your ip and report you to your local authorities for pedophile talking

Let me know what you are thinking mate.....