I’ve been working all day – very boring but in the background on TV is a doco on big Ferris Wheels. There is a bunch on there about the London Eye, which I’ve seen but didn’t ride.

Anyways – it got me thinking if anyone has had sex on it. I understand there are cameras in all the pods but it would nearly be worth it right?

I tried googling for it but didn’t find much but I did find a facebook group listing 10 places you should have sex before you die.

This list was as follows……

  1. In front of a video camera
  2. On the London Eye
  3. Partners parents bedroom
  4. In the car (during heavy traffic)
  5. Aeroplace
  6. Public train
  7. On your office desk
  8. In the ocean
  9. In the woods at night
  10. On a trampoline

I really like the idea of that last one!!! I supposed I’ve done number 1, I’ve had sex in my parents bedroom, done the car one, my office desk is my kitchen table so I can pick that off. I’ve masturbated in a plane but not sex yet. In the woods and in the ocean are done as well. And I’ve had sex a few times in gondolas.

I think we can come up with a better list though. Post your suggestions and I’ll make up a more fun list over the weekend.

One thought on “10 places to have sex before you die”
  1. As soon as I saw the trampoline one on the list, I thought of the video which you posted screen caps from. Such a hot amateur vid!

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