Everybody wang chung tonight!!!

C’mon you guys know the words.

Well after a huge week of work – you guys will be seeing a new site from me next week. A few of the promoters of my sites have asked me to create something a little more mainstream and it is a beautiful site with some HD quality movies and a little more MAC/Apple friendly than SwimmerBoyz.com is. But enough of that….

Tonight Kip (and me) are hosting a speedo party at his place.

Bit of a str8 laced and str8 sexually crowd but it sould be fun. Kip is playing it up that since there is an Aussie under the roof this is all we wear (he and his mates don’t know too many Aussies). I even found some VB (Victoria Bitter – it is a beer for those not in the know) so I’ll fill up an Esky with a bunch of it although compared to Yankee beer VB is a lot stronger and more ‘bitter’.

Kip’s sister has met this guy – who is really hot if not a bit rough around the edges – and he was told if he isn’t in a speedo then he isn’t allowed inside the door.

I’ll keep you guys posted on all the antics at the first annual ‘Breckenridge Speedo Party’. Come to think of it – maybe we’ll make it a monthly thing.

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