Well sorry I didn’t get a chance to post over the weekend but I was a little busy with Natalie and Will.

I last posted sitting in the hotel room on Friday arvo.  Natalie rocked up about 5 and Will rocked up about 8.  Natalie was keen to get naked (particularly after a few glasses of champagne) but I thought it wise to wait until Will arrived.  Will didn’t get up to the coast until about 8.

It was a little wierd – 2 people I have slept with and love sleeping with in the same room and everyone knowing exactly what is going on and where the night is going to lead.  We just had a few drinks – big day for Will – and about half nine we went downstairs to the pub.  I had a few mates there (who know Will but they are completely str8 and don’t know about Will and me).  Natalie had a few of her friends there as well.

Usual night out, I didn’t make it to the dance floor but Will and Natalie were dancing at one stage and one of Natalie’s friends seemed interested in Will and was asking me all about him.  Two of my mates got absolutely sloshed and ended up acting like complete dicks.  The usual drunken Aussie in his worst state – knocking people over, interrupting everyone, being super loud and both eventually got kicked out.  I wasn’t sure how the evening was going to progress from the pub to the hotel room but at some point after midnight Will and Natalie came up to me and said they were heading up stairs and for me to follow them up in 15 mins.


When I got upstairs, Natalie and Will were still in the shower so I joined them.

I had given Natalie her new Wicked Weasel earlier in the day and she was still wearing the bottoms – Will didn’t have anything on but a smile and an engorged cock.

Most of the rest of the evening (or technically morning) went on mainly with Will and I working Natalie.  I must admit that Natalie did enjoy herself, she had told me about having a fantasy of two guys and Will and I were both very gentlemanly.


What absolutely sent Natalie wild was when Will was fucking her doggy style and I slipped under her (now she and I were in 69) and started eating her out while Will plowed her.

(This is the closest foto I could find to describe the MMF 69)

Will and I didn’t really get to play with each other much at all – which was fine by us.  During one of our ‘take 5’s’ Natalie did ask us if we make out and Will and I both said yeah we do.  Natalie had never seen 2 guys making out (up close that is) so Will and I started making out on the bed.  This was the beginning of another very horny 45 minutes……

Overall – and awesome weekend.  Things were a little nervous and I think next time will be even better as everyone will open up even a little more.

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