As I posted yesterday, I had a super craving for some cock and I woke up on my own as Kip was out of town.

Kip got home around 7:30pm last night to a house with a stranger on the couch, his speedo tucked to one side and me, on my knees polishing that beautiful cock.

Turned out the guy was from out east, in town with a bunch of str8 friends on a skiing/snowboarding trip and was staying 3 blocks from Kip’s house. He, along with 50 other people (mostly spammers I’m guessing) replied to my craigslist ad and this guy seemed nice and hot. Obviously, we spoke on the phone before I invited him over and I spoke with Kip as well.

What happened when Kip walked in and saw me on my knees…… – sorry guy, I have to look after the members and give them the best stories.

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