I haven’t posted much this week and I’m blaming the Breckenridge Distillery and their Burbon.

On Tuesday night Kip got a few bottles that someone owed him as a favour – I’m not sure how much we drank but it was wayyyyy too much. We both saw the sun rise before we went to bed and I woke up that afternoon feeling rotten. Kinda moped around the house that afternoon, didn’t sleep much on Wednesday night and I was still feeling it on Thursday. I’ve never done any hard drugs but I’ve had friends that tell me about ‘coming down’ and that is how I felt on Thursday. Like a depression I think.

No more booze for me for a few days I think.

Today is Friday and both Kip and I are up before 7am. I feel great and we are going to go on a little road trip for the day to get out of the house. I haven’t posted any scenery pictures since I’ve been in Colorado so I’ll make sure to take the camera.

I might have mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m working on a new site and I’ve been going through some old folders. The pics of this lifeguard were some of my very original speedo photos like 10 years ago. Since I dug them up I thought I should share them with you guys.

Moral of todays post….. don’t drink too much – hahaha.

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