This is a late post – jeez it is midnight – I didn’t realise it was that late.

Anyways, tonight I’ve been working on some new sample movie clip promo stuff that I submit over on Thought I’d share this movie with you guys. It is from AYOR Studios which is a Czech company that I have a partnership with – I’ve got the rights to publish all their movies online and they have some super hot movies.

Enjoy the sample movie and if you want to watch more go to

Here are the movies – 2 sample clips. Click on them to watch.

Here is the 2nd clip – enjoy guys.

One thought on “3 Guys Jacking Off”
  1. I did that as a teen quite a lot. Sometimes with other boys, sometimes two of us would have a girl do it and I almost always got the clumsy left hand 🙁

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