I just realised that this is my 501st blog post on BisexualDave.com.  I don’t post as often on here as I do on my blog AussieSpeedoGuy.net but it has been a great place to post on some subjects and photos that the guys over at AussieSpeedoGuy.net don’t appreciate as much.

It is two weeks until I leave San Francisco and today is looking like a cracker of a day.

I’ve got a stack of work to get done, a new HD page on SwimmerBoyz.com is something I’m working on right now and it should be live by the weekend. I’ll tell you guys more about it when I’m ready to publish it. I’ve also got a great idea for a mobile app which means I’ve got to start learning java. It is an awesome idea but in my research I found out that it will only be able to run on Android because fucking Steve Jobs is censoring what adults do on their fones from the grave. That is a bummer but I’m going to go ahead with it anyway and I’ll make a website that is super mobile friendly for those iPhone folks out there – I don’t want them to miss out.

I figure I’m going to work until about 11am then I need to get out and make the most of this gorgeous day. I might ride through Golden Gate Park and go to the Cliff House for some oysters – anyone want to join me?

Thought I’d share these pics with you guys – I think if everyone in the world were speedo friendly, all of us, despite race or religion would get along. Probably not but a nice thought anyway. Some hot guys in this pic – I don’t like the guy with the butterly tattoo on his chest, looks terrible if you ask me.

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