Part 1 of the Alphabet Game…..

AnalI told Will about the game while we were both sitting in our room and we started to think of words through the alphabet.  I was getting pretty horny with Will telling me all these things we could do just to knock off a letter.

Will has some pretty good ideas and I’m more than happy to help him out with those – this is going to be an exploration in sexuality for both of us I think.  We figure that our backup plan can always be places or people – say for T if we can’t figure that out we just have to find a guy with a name starting with T – sounds easy right – hehehehe.

All this sex talk and both of us were getting pretty horny – I wear speedos all the time when it is just Will and I in our room so my erection is public knowledge,  Will does it a fair bit himself but he does like those tighter fitting boxer shorts which was what he was wearing now (that is a habit I’ll have to break – speedos are the only way to go).  Still I could see he was getting horny with all this sex talk.

I suppose we should start with A.  The first two words that came to mind with A was Anal and Amy.  Will was keen to knock on Amy’s door but we weren’t sure if she was home and I’ve had enuf of sex with girls around.  Although Anal infront of Amy would have to be worth double points….. And I’m guessing that the other guys in the house would use Amy for their A task.

Anal it would have to be.  What a bummer – hehehehe mind the pun.

That was that and Will and I started making out – I was going to be the bottom and as usual when I recieve I came while Will was fucking me.  I asked Will if he wanted me to fuck him but he wasn’t so keen – he did say that he wanted to work up to it though – which is fine by me.

So the letter A has been ticket off the list and we are already thinking about B – B is going to be a tough one.  Help me out by leaving your comments.

Anal Sex

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