About Me

I think I’ll write this the way I have my online dating profile.

Why not start off with the raw facts – taken from my old Gaydar Profile (I still use it when I’m in Australia – it is popular down there).

Profession – Webmaster
Age – 25yo
Height – 6″2′
Body Type – Average
Ethnic Origins – Aussie Mate
Hair – Brown
Eyes – Brown
Scene – Casual
Out – No
Body Hair – Shaved Down Stairs
Orientation – Bisexual
Role – Depends on my mood
Safe Sex – Always
Smoke – No
Drink – Yes

I’m sure I’ll add more to that boring ‘about me’ segment as more boring facts come to hand.

Now for the real me.  I have been writing the blog AussieSpeedoGuy.com since May 2005.  I started writing it because of an MMF bisexual threesome that I had which I wanted to share with someone but I didn’t really have any mates to share it with – so I shared it with the world.  Since then that blog is focused on speedos and more gay issues and when I post about my bisexuality it isn’t quite up all the readers alley….

So I have created BisexualDave.com as a place of more discussion and sharing of ideas about bisexuality.  Don’t worry not just boring stuff – hopefully I’ll have many MMF, MMMF, MM or MFMF bisexual experiences (or any other bisexual combination) to share with you.

A lot of bisexual guys that I speak to have had a hard time about their bisexuality.  Fortunately, to date, I haven’t had such prejudice.  I think perhaps because I’m not married, I’m not commited and I’m not living in the same place as I grew up surrounded by family and friends who may judge or may support me.  I am also pretty discrete – even when I had girlfriends growing up I thought it was fun to keep people in the dark and let them find out on their own – perhaps it was just training for what I enjoy now.

So I’m not str8 and I’m not gay – so I thought I’d try and list the pros and cons (for me) of both.

If I were Str8 – Pros

  • I like sex with women.
  • I would like to get married one day and have kids.
  • I would loose none of my friends who are stuck in the dark ages.
  • It is socially acceptable.

If I were Str8 – Cons

  • Finding casual sex parters is difficult (definitely not impossible)
  • Chicks seem more ‘clingy’ (in general) and I don’t want to settle down just yet.

If I were Gay – Pros

  • I like sex with men.
  • Finding casual sex partners is easy.

If I were Gay – Cons

  • I really don’t like the whole Queen thing.
  • I’m not ‘proud’ enuf to tell the entire world that I’m gay.

Hmmm – when I first started writing that I thought it would be more.  Ow well I’ll add to it later.