A bit of a development with Alex happened yesterday.

5 minutes after I clicked ‘Post’ on yesterdays blog post, I received the following text from Alex:

Interested in cancelling pool today and meeting at ur place for some OTHER exercise?

I just about came when I read that message.  Here is my reply:

As long as that exercise involves you, being inside, me.

It was a little cheeky but I was keen to give Alex that same excitement that his text had given me.  He replied within seconds:

Cya in an hour.

That hour took for ever.  I was wearing only the black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos that Alex wore last Friday when we made out and I sucked him off when there was a knock at the door.  The door, as usual, was unlocked and Alex let himself in before I could move in that direction.  He found me in the kitchen and in my speedos (nothing else).

As we closed the distance between us Alex took off his shirt and we started making out.

Again, our making out was crazy intense and I am still pleasantly surprised that a str8 guy enjoys kissing so much.  While kissing my hands were trying to undo Alex’s trousers and he helped my kicking off his shoes.  As I got my hands onto he cock I realised that Alex was wearing his black, lycra, speedo brand speedos.

It was soooo hot it was crazy and I managed to break off our kiss long enough for me to say:

Alex, I want you to fuck me.

I didn’t hear a coherent ‘yes’ but it was obvious Alex did want to fuck me.

Another minute or so and I made myself break off the kiss and walk Alex towards the couch.  I had condoms and lube handy.  I pulled the front of Alex’s black speedos down and put a condom on him as he continued to lick and kiss my neck and ear.  By now we were both in a hurry and I squirted some lube on my hand and rubbed it on Alex’s condom covered cock.  Then I knelt on the couch facing backwards.  Alex tore my speedo down, got on his knees on the couch behind me and I helped glide his cock into my arse.

I’d normally prefer a little more lube but at that moment I didn’t care.

Alex grabbed my hips and thrust his cock up to the hilt into my arse.  Then I came!!!

The clenching of my arse as I came was too much for Alex and on his second thrust he came as well.


Speedo Love

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