Last Friday went amazing with Alex.

We had a good chat about things and things are back on track.

I know you guys are enjoying following this thing with Alex and I’m trying to share as much as possible with you guys.  Alex reads this blog so I have to be a little careful AND neither of us are ‘out’ and I’d hate to expose this new side of Alex’s sexuality.

Also, I’ve gotta share this with the members of  It is those guys who join that lets me keep this blog 100% free.

If you’d like to read how Alex’s first cock was – please drop over to  You can join for $4.95 and that includes all the movies and pics as well.

Thank you guys for all your support and I think you’ll enjoy Alex’s performance.

Here is a screen shot from the members area of this story (yeah, it is pretty long and took me a while to get it all out).

Alex's Bucket List

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