I just walked back in the door here in Breck after an awesome 4 day weekend.

Moab was great, rained a little on Saturday morning which delayed our start but we got enough activities in don’t worry.

It is the first time I’ve been on a mountain bike in years and my arse feels like I was tied up in the middle of a packed gay bar, butt in the air with a sign saying “All Cummers Welcome”. I can’t believe how much it hurts – it even hurt just sitting in the drivers seat of my Durango!!!

Now that we are back, we are pretty tired so a quiet night and it is snowing again up here so my arse will be happy to hear that I won’t be enduring a bike seat for a little while.

Couple of scenic pics for you guys.

(If you want some speedo pics – click here for today’s “Speedo Photo of the Day”)

Double ArchMoab Mountain BikingDouble Arch - Moab

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