This weekend I was going to go down to Denver and hang out with the Texan Brunette but there is snow on the forecast and the snowboarding this morning was the best it has been in a few weeks. So I txt’d the Texan Brunette, told her I’d go down to Denver next weekend and she said that she’d come up instead. She is fun to hang around and maybe we can make some progress towards her first threesome which came up in ‘post coital’ conversation a few weeks ago (click here to read about that if you missed it).

One thing that we have talked about is getting tied up. She hasn’t been tied up, she is turned on by it and you wouldn’t believe it but I love being tied up and tying up others although I’ve only ever done it with guys.

I do have handcuffs and this morning Kip and I found some rope.

Later this afternoon I think I’m going to polish up on my ‘rope skills’ and Kip has been kind enough to volunteer his time – hehehehe.


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