With four guys living under one room (although it is a really nice house) things aren’t super tidy.  Last night we had a BBQ to celebrate Australia Day.  We had some friends who were in town over – mostly str8 people but they know who they are hanging out with.

A funny thing happened during the evening – it was later and everyone was having a good time.  One of the girls who was there came out of the bathroom with one of the guys anal beads around her neck.  She had absolutely no idea what they were and she thought she was funny saying it wasn’t Marti-Gras yet…..


It went down really well though and everyone had a laugh about it.

Needless to say, those anal beads were used in the hottub later that evening (unfortunately the girl who didn’t know what they were wasn’t there – I would have volunteered to teach her they work).

Tomorrow morning I’m off early for the 7hr drive to Banff.  I’ve driven this road before and it is gorgeous!!!

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