My sex toy collection in slowly growing and this week I got a new addition in 3 butt plugs.

I bought these as a training tool for Alex.  Alex is keen to be able to take a nice fat cock in his arse.  He loves having his arse played with by his girlfriend and me and I have put the head of my cock inside him but nothing more thus far.

If you’d like to read in detail about me putting the head of my cock inside Alex you’ll have to join my site – a little gem that I’ve kept just for members at this stage.

This afternoon Alex is finishing work early and going to come over for a quickie and I’m going to introduce him to these butt plugs.  I tested them last night and the smaller 2 were pretty easy but the big one was even a little difficult for me although as I got close to orgasm I managed to take the entire thing.

Should be an interesting afternoon….

Tomorrow I’ll post some pics of guys wearing stars and stripes speedos but I’ll post about Alex’s training next week.  Of course, check out if you can’t wait.

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