Anderson, everyone knows, nobody cares.

I really don’t see the big deal, everyone knows Anderson Cooper is gay. In 2007 he was listed as the 2nd Most Influential Gay Person (here is the article). To me it is kinda like President Obama saying he is in favour of Gay Marriage – I always thought that President Obama was in favour of gay marriage…. it wasn’t until it because news courtesy of Vice-President Biden that his had done a handful of public flip flops on the subject over the years.

My thoughts on this is that it is a shame that someone like Anderson Cooper feels the need to create a media circus so he can annouce that he has a boyfriend. Perhaps I shouldn’t be disappointed with Anderson but disappointed with a social climate that makes someone feel that they need to make such an annoucement.

In his statement Anderson said that gay kids being bullied was part of the reason for his annoucement. I think that Anderson Cooper stands for much more than just his sexual orientation – he had a few hard knocks growing up loosing his father at a young age and his brother committing suicide, Anderson also suffered from dylexia which he has overcome and despite his families wealth he is a completely self made man.

I like Anderson Cooper, I’m impressed with what he has achieved and he is hot for an old silver fox.

Perhapas next week Hugh Jackman (who I also think is hot) will annouce that he is str8, has always been str8 and is proud of it….

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