Chess is kinda nerdy and although I can play chess I’m no expert.

But I do love playing ‘Strip Chess’….

What is strip chess?  Well it is just like normal chess but each of the pawns, usually the least valuable piece or which there are 8 per side, each of which are worth one piece of clothing.

I can’t remember anyone every telling me about this although I’m sure I’m not the first person to come up with the idea.  A few years ago a girl I was seeing wanted to learn to play chess and I figured this would be a bit of an incentive …. hehehe.

Turned out to be great fun with this girl but I’ve never played it with anyone else although I mentioned it to a friend once and he and his boyfriend (now husband) still play it which is awesome.

I nearly forgot, one extra part of the game is if you play multiple games, each game you loose means you start with one less piece of clothing.  It does change the dynamic of the game as now taking pawns is advantageous.

Anyone on the Central Coast got a chess board?

Strip ChessStrip Poker

One thought on “Anyone for Strip Chess?”
  1. I’m always up for drinking strip games. I never really wear more than 4 pieces of clothing but and I’m from Terrigal so…

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