I made it safe and sound guys.

There were some cute made hostesses on the flight – I’m pretty sure you have to be gay to get one of those jobs. I’ve never even been close to joining the mile high club but any one of the male hostesses on my flight could have had my Mile-High virginity. I remember Shannon Boh posting some pics of him on an Australian domestic flight getting his pants off and posing for some pics in a speedo – I never come across that on my flights.

I got a little sleep and finished the first of the ‘Hunger Games’ novels – I knew nothing about it and I enjoyed the premise – I little ‘young adult’ (was no Salman Rushdie which is a tough read) but perfect for the flight. I’ll finish off the 2nd and third books on the beach over the next week hopefully.

I’m getting a quick blog post in before my hosts get home from work – the weather isn’t awesome but not too bad and I’ll get a quick dip in the ocean despite everyone thinking I’m crazy.

Then I’m off to poker with the boys (all str8 unfortunately and I’m not out to any of them) and watch the Broncos v Titans game. If I don’t drink too much I might get up for a surf at sunrise but I wouldn’t bet on it – might end up at the Terrigal Pub instead – hehehe.

2 thoughts on “Are all hostesses gay?”
  1. Hey Dave, hope you are enjoying your trip.

    I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks. Your blog is leading the referrals to my blog, “JackScottsBisexualBuddies.blogspot.com” this week. That says a whole log about your blog that you have so many people viewing your blog and cruising the links you recommend.

    Thanks again. Enjoy the trip.

  2. I enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy. The third one started losing steam, but I’m curious to hear what you think of the rest of the story of Panem. 🙂

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