Kip has been here for just a week now and holy cow has he been immersed in Aussie culture!!!

It is super late here and I’m writing this post as Kip is passed out after another huge day.

We were up early this morning for a surf with the boys, Kip is not a surfer and I think his poor arms were about to fall off by the time we were finished – he loved it though and he is getting to know all my mates here.

Then we had lunch at the local RSL club (returned services league – hard one to explain to non-Aussie’s).  Then we played 9 holes – Kip is a much better golfer than I will ever be.  From the golf club everyone came back to my place to keep drinking and we watched the Bledisloe Cup – a rugby game between Australia (Wallabies) and New Zealand (All Blacks) which turned out to be a draw.

After the rugby everyone was feeling warm and fuzzy (might have been the Bundy Rum – a local dark rum called Bundaburg – that we had been drinking since golf).  So we all walked the 200 yards down the street to the local pub.

Everyone thinks Kips accent is thick although he is a Colorado native and I don’t think he has much of an accent at all.  But he had fun and got talking to random people which he thought was hillarious considering when I’m in Colorado I’m the point of difference with my accent.

On leaving the pub we grabbed some kebabs, an ancient Aussie tradition and walked back along the beach to my place.

I think Sunday is going to be a lazy day.

It is so much fun looking after Kip, he has been a wonderful host to me when I’ve been in Colorado and it is wonderful to return the favour.

Red Speedo in the Pool

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