I’ve been in love with this Aussiebum model and I just found out his name is Andreas Lundin. I think I’m going to have to take up stalking. What a body and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wear Aussiebums as well as he does.

I’m all setup in my new pad – it is a little cold but I’m chilling out on the couch tonight after having a huge night with some old friends who were in town last night. Late in the night I caught these two cute little blondes trying to steal my coat. Who the hell does that? I noticed it was missing and went to the door of the club and there was this little blonde chick with my coat in her hands. I walked up to her, thanks her for holding onto my coat and kissed her on the cheek – hahaha.

This week I’ve got a bunch of work to get done and I’m going to get back into my fitness routine and who better to offer inspiration than Andreas. He is my new windows background.

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