So I’m in the middle of the Canadian Monashee Mountains, in a ski town full of Aussie’s but living in a house with 3 Canadian guys…..

Sounds like the start of a joke…. or a porno movie.

Snowboarding wise it is pretty windy and cold out there today but we are hosting an Aussie BBQ at the house tonight (no, there will not be ‘shrimp on the barbie‘). Will be the four of us and a few people I know from town. If things move to the hottub we’ll have to keep the Aussie tradition going and make it speedos only of course.

Hope everyone back home enjoyed the day and I think on Saturday I’m going to head east to Banff (was going to go tomorrow but there is a slight chance I’ll be hungover… only slight chance).

Even ‘Hawaii Speedo Student’ is getting into the spirit!!! By the way – you can watch his full length speedo porno movie over at

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