To tell you the truth I didn’t even realise the Olympics were coming up – obviously I knew they are in London this year but I had no idea when until I got back here. The Aussie’s love the Olympics and it is all over the TV.

Last night some lesbian beach volleyball player has her panties in a bunch because she wants a woman to carry in the Aussie flag at the opening ceremony.

I really don’t get it. National pride of course and us Aussie’s punch above our weight because of our performances in the pool but there is a reason the Olympics are only every 4 years – its boring.

I would like to be a fly on the wall in the athletes village though – all those hot bodies!!!!

Here is some of the guys from the Aussie swim team – I think it is the 4×100 relay team but correct me if I’m wrong.

Although I think it is boring – I wish all the Aussie athletes the best and I will be watching Matt Mitcham….. drooooling.

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