Happy Monday morning to everyone.

I woke up this morning and things were a bit frosty, temps might not even break single digits here which is really COLD for Queensland.  I’m still going to head out in a little bit to the pool.  It is out of the wind and there isn’t a cloud in the sky so it will be still be nice despite the air temp.

Winters here in Australia are just glorious and if there was no wind, it would be a perfect beach day, like I had last week.  And the ocean water temp really doesn’t get that cold.

I don’t have anything fun to report from my weekend.  I spent a day cleaning the house and went to the footy on Sunday with some friends down in Brisbane.  And of course, the entire time I was streaming the Coronation of the new King…. (NOT!!!)

I had completely forgot about the coronation until I saw a bunch of pics of guys wearing British flag speedos on one of my social media feeds.  I posted some of those pics on my speedo blog (www.AussieSpeedoGuy.org) and I went looking for some British Bikini pics to post here.  One of the first results was Avril Lavigne wearing a British Bikini.  I haven’t heard that name in years.  Wonder if she is a fan of the monarchy?

I was intrigued to read more about this little rocker chick and turns out, she loves hanging out in a bikini!!!  She looks fantastic and she must have a sizeable bikini collection.

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