About 6 months ago, maybe longer ago actually, I was approached by film producer from ???Czechoslovalia??? called AYOR Studios. Rob who runs the studio asked me if I would be keen to promote his movies on some of my sites and in return has given me his entire movies archive.

It means that I have about 18 full length movies to sort through and add to the movies archive over at SwimmerBoyz.com.

I have to reformat a lot of the movies and grab screen shots and as you can imagine, it is ‘hard’ work.

This is the first movie that I’ve uploaded to SwimmerBoyz.com – it is from the movie ‘Summer Camp’ and I love how these guys keep their speedos on for a fair while during the movie (the guy sucking cock in the top screen shot below – his speedo comes off but the other guy keeps his on while he fucks his arse). Finally some movies where the speedos stay on for more than 2 seconds.

If you want to watch the movie online – www.SwimmerBoyz.com or if you want to buy the DVD it is called ‘Summer Camp’ and you can order it over at www.AYORStudios.com.

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