There is nothing a young guy, on the prowl enjoys more than walking into a bar in the middle of a bachelorette party.

Friday night wasn’t a first for me and I’m sure it won’t be a last either.

It was my first time ever in Colorado Springs and I got down there on Friday afternoon.  We had a few drinks at his place and headed out about 9pm to this bar near the Broadmoor Hotel – which is a beautiful property from what I could see of it in the dark.  The bar we were too was something ‘Bee’ (as in honey bee) and we got a seat at the bar.

It was a good crowd, a little nicer crowd than we get here in the mountains although my buddy pointed out some of the military guys who the locals seem to hate.

My buddy is in his final year of college and he was super eager and I told him to just chill out, all these guys were hitting on the girls in the bachelorette party and we just looked cool sitting at the bar.  In the end one of the girls from the party started talking to me and once she heard my Aussie accent I knew we were in (I was at least).  Within half an hour I had bought a few of the girls drinks and there were three girls talking to the two of us.  Too easy.

Unfortunately, when I’m back home I don’t get this kind of attention from the ladies.

The girl that I was talking to the most was a gorgeous blonde and looked and dressed gorgeously.  After a while the girls started to break up and they were staying at the Hotel.  The bar started to get a little quiet and the blonde asked me if I’d like to go for a walk and she could show me around the Hotel (yes, she knew it was my first time to Colorado Springs).

Long story short, we walked around the property for half an hour or so and ended up making out overlooking this man made pond/water feature.  Then we went back to her place.  She was sharing it with a friend but she had arranged earlier to have her friend stay in another room.

Just goes to show that us boys don’t really have any say in it.

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  1. Always nice when the friends of the bride want to play with a new guy.

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