I’ve made it back to Aussie all in one piece.  Travels went well except that I hear that it has DUMPED snow in Colorado pretty much since the second that I left.

The house is great and everything, including net, is all hooked up.  I’ll have some organizing to do early next week but it feels great to be back.

My car is running great and last night I caught up with a bunch of mates and we went to the Beery (Terrigal Beer Garden).  Amazingly beautiful women whom I didn’t have much, if any of a chance with.  People think I have an American accent which is just silly.  Was pretty well behaved and walked back home well after midnight along the beach – very awesome!!!

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was go for a quick swim, then walked down to the bakery and grabbed a pie.  Catching up with the boys for a surf in a bit and for dinner I’ll be grabbing some Godfathers Pizza – ow I’m looking forward to that.

I better check on some work stuff, enjoy the powder in Colorado you buggers.

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