Kip made it safe and sound and I had a great Friday night in the big smoke.

Yesterday, Sunday, the boys were about and we had an afternoon BBQ and some BYC, back yard cricket.  The back yard at one of the boys houses looks just like the one in the pic below.

No speedos but some short shorts that some of the guys love wearing.

It was a great afternoon and Kip can’t believe that even my accent sounds thicker here compared to when I left Colorado back in February.

This week it is supposed to be pretty cold so I might start looking at a ski trip down to Perisher…. whoohooo!!!!

Ow – and Alex was around as well and got along fine with Kip….. I think something between the three of us will happen this week.  I will keep you guys posted.  Actually, tomorrow I’ll post about what I got up to in Sydney.

Back Yard Speedo

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