Slowly my plans for summer are taking shape…. but of course they are still very liquid.

I’m thinking I might spend the summer in San Fran. I love the city, I’ve got some friends there and it is just a fun place. I’ll use the opportunity to travel a bit in the US which I haven’t done enough of and then at the end of summer I can either come back to Colorado and hang out with Kip for another Rocky Mountain winter OR I can head back to the Aussie East Coast – definitely leaning towards that.

Right now I’m looking for an apartment in San Fran and once I get it sorted I’ll drive my Durango west, maybe a stop off in Vegas (I’ve never been there before).

BUT – even though I’m in the mind set of moving on… this weekend is going to be fantastic.

The Denver boys are coming up tomorrow and we are going on some bike ‘cruise’ in town here – sounds like a pub crawl to me. Then on Sunday we are heading up to a little ski resort called A-Basin. It is their last day and we are going to head up there with a BBQ and chill out for the day on their ‘beach’. I’ll be sure to get some pics for you guys.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

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