Hey guys – late night post from me.  It is well after midnight.

An old girlfriend of mine is in town (an X-Box) and herself, myself and a few old friends all caught up for some drinks after dinner.  I honestly thought it was all going to be polite and non-sexual.  I ended up dropping the X-Box at her hotel room, she told me I should see it.  I was really “you sure”, I was very non-forth coming.

That is weird for me because I’m normally very forthcumming.

Turns out we are on the couch – she is cold so she says she is going to bed and expects me to meet her there without my jeans.

Again, I was “You sure?  I thought I was just dropping you off.”

I still have a penis and it works just fine so who am I to disagree with the sexual ‘Lords’.

As a side note – she was look really hot – skinnier than I’d ever seen her, cute blonde haircut – but I had listened to her talk dribble for 2hrs so she wasn’t looking that hot righ tnow.

So I walk around her beautiful hotel suit, she gets into bed and tells me to get in and warm her up – I take off my jeans and she takes off everything of mine except my black speedos.  Then she tells me how much she loves my speedos – she always did – higgity-giggity.

Finally we get to some making out and she goes down south.  There seems to be a lot of people in my sex life right now so lets call this chick Bikram – because like Bikram is to Yoga, this chick is to BlowJobs.  I’ve never had better – guys are normally better but this chick has it DIALED!!!!  So we’ll call her the Bikram of Blowjobs from now on.

And jeez Louise she still has it!!!

Anyways I had to stop her – I didn’t want to cum before satisfying her.  So I started eating her out – she taught me a lot about eating chicks out.  She had a furry as hell pussy (I shaved today myself) and she is normally waxed or shaved at the least.

And unacceptable wicket.

No wonder so many guys are gay – I’m a cunnilingus expert.  I have spent hours between chicks legs discovering how to make them cum.  I’ve even aquired a taste for ‘lady juice’ (I didn’t like it at first – I remember dry reaching the first time I put my mouth near one).

So after 30 minutes of my tongue going on lots of adventures….. she announces that “I’m not in the mood – but I’ve never had anyone give head like you Dave”.  WTF????  She was always hard to make cum so I kinda believe her.

I was going to stay and cuddle but she has just moved back to town and she knows my buddies.  So I chose to head home after that – so I could have a quiet scotch and write this blog post.

I’m pumped and want to tell all my str8 mates here that I reek of pussy right now – if a blind man walked past me in the street he’d say “That vagina has an Aussie accent.”

Thing is, I don’t like this girl.  She broke my heart a few years back and she has just moved into my town.  I like sex just as much as the next guy and I’m having fun with Mr Big Cock and Jaime and I have been ‘kind of’ setup with 2 really hot chicks who sound awesome (I’m going to need some tips on that which I’ll ask you guys in the next couple of days).

Sorry for the blogging dribble guys – I can share the ‘smelling like pussy’ thing to my str8 mates and even my family would love to hear that I’ve hooked up with the ‘Bikram of Blow’ but none of them can put it into the context of my real life….  which I am fortunate enough to share with you guys.

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