I’m always trying new ideas and brainstorming all the time on my work stuff (my pay site is SwimmerBoyz.com).  Which is why I love my work so much – there is always something to do and since I’m the boss, I can try things out.

Last month I decided to combine my AussieSpeedoGuy.net blog and my BisexualDave.com blog – it does kinda work because a lot of guys who read the speedo blog also read BisexualDave.com.  Turns out I have way too much bisexual stuff to post and I know that there are some guys who follow the speedo blog who really aren’t interested in bikinis or threesomes including a girl.

So after 6 weeks or so – I’m bring BisexualDave.com back.

I never liked the old design so I’ve spent a couple of days working on this new layout which I like much better – please leave me a comment on what you think about it.

Enough rambling from me – I thought I’d open this new version of BisexualDave.com with some of the hottest speedo couple photos that I have ever seen.  This couple are really cute and looks like they are enjoying themselves.

I think he is boning up in this first photo too, don’t you?

Speedo Couple Making OutSwimsuit Couple on BoatSpeedo Erection in front of girlfriend

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