I met this couple online a few years back.  On my profile I said that I was bi-curious and mentioned that if the guy half of the couple is str8 then that is fine with me but if not… play away.

The female half of this couple brought this up when we met in public (we hooked up the next night).  I kinda felt like I was defending myself a little bit and I didn’t get any indication that the male half of the couple was the least bit bi and it didn’t mention that in their online profile.

The next night, his wife and I are 69’ing while he is fucking her – this is by far my favourite MMF threesome position – I can’t see much of what is going on but everyone is groaning.  Hubby is getting close to cumming and he says he is going to stop for a  minute and cool down, his cock disappears out of my eye sight and I’m left to lick his wifes clit.  Then all of a sudden there is a mans hand on my cock and the husband starts sucking me – he isn’t as good as the wife.

I was thinking about this experience today and how funny it was that in the heat of the moment we’ll do things we might not normally do.

When it comes to exploring ones bisexuality that is why taking it slow is always something I recommend.  You never know what someone is willing to do in the heat of the moment.

It can start with a little guy on guy kissing….

Then it can move onto some couple cock sucking….

And before you know it…. he’ll be sucking cock all his own like a big boy.

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