I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope your Valentine was speedo clad and horny.

I recieved three Valentine’s greetings today.

  1. First was was Kip after I gave him a wake up blowjob this morning – which he loved!!!
  2. Then I got a txt from the Texan Brunette saying how much she is looking forward to giving my Valentine’s present tomorrow night (give a blowjob, get a blowjob in return – see how the world of BJ Karma works)
  3. An email from the Denver couple that I saw the other week – they are on vacation in Cabo and said that they were thinking of me and the next time the three of us would get together.

Now if I could just get my three different Valentine’s in the same room…. just image!!!!

Hope you guys had a good day and let me know if you got up to anything particularly naughty.

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