Today I was going to make it a ‘red speedo Monday’ but I think I’ll put that post back a day…. tomorrow will be ‘red speedo Tuesday’ and I can promise you that the pics are hot.

I’ve made the delay because I wanted to share with you guys what I got up to last night.

One of my few mates in town here told me last week that he had these two girls from LA coming up for the weekend to stay with him and his wife.  He said they were both single girls, cute and around my age.  Sounded like fun so I told him to count me in.

I thought I might have heard from him Friday or Saturday but I didn’t – then on Sunday night at about 8pm he called me saying that if I wanted to come out for a drink that he’d pick me up in 10 minutes.  My cock hasn’t been even close to being touched by someone else this weekend so I thought why not.  I quickly got dressed and my mate was waiting down stairs outside my apartment.

On the way to the bar, he apologized for not touching base earlier in the weekend but they had been busy.  Turns out he had just dropped one of the girls back home because she had gotten a little too drunk.  He said the other girl (lets call her Violet – I know that is an old school name and it isn’t hers but it is a play on words – inside joke).  My mate tells me that Violet is recently divorved (she is only my age), no kids and she has been giving out a pretty serious vibe all afternoon at the bars they had been at that she ‘wants some‘.

We walked into the bar and WOW, Violet is hot!!!!!

Tall, dark brown hair, smokin’ body and she has this cute east coast accent – I’m not that great with my US accents yet but it had that Boston kinda twang but she said she is from New York and moved to LA a few years ago with her ex-husband.

One other thing I noticed about Violet was that she was pretty hammered already – 8pm on a Sunday night and I didn’t have a drop of alcohol in my system.

The four of us were having a good chat but within half an hour Violet’s hand was rubbing the inside of my thigh.  I actually thought it was pretty funny because my mates wife could see what was going on.  I was no encouraging it but I wasn’t moving her hand either.

Now this post is getting longer than I had expected it would.  Turns out by the time we started heading home, Violet was too drunk.  My mates wife and I had to walk her arm in arm down to the car after taking off her high heels.  As I walked around the car my mates asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to look after Violet and I assured him that I didn’t want to look after Violet in her current state – hahaha (nothing naughty was meant in that statement – it was just looking after a drunk girl statement).

I haven’t heard from my mate yet this morning but I don’t think Violet or her friend will be feeling too well today – I think they have an afternoon flight back to LA.

Just something that happened that I wanted to share with you guys – was a shame because Violet was really hot and she seemed super keen.  I might fly through LA in a couple of weeks on my way out to see Kip in Colorado…. but then again maybe I won’t – hahaha.

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