After a request from long time reader/fan Dr. Phil – the ‘Speedo Colour of the Day’ for this Monday is….. striped. OK not technically a colour but I thought it was a good idea. I’m pretty sure I have never had a pair of striped speedos but I think I’m going to look into getting a pair – I know AussieBum make one but not sure who else makes them.

I did get a suggestion from Aiko about making black the speedo colour of the day – I’m not sure if I’ve used black as the colour of the day before but it is a great idea and next Monday…. drop in for the hottest black speedo guys that I can find.

Enjoy the striped speedo eye candy guys.

Snowing here in Breckenridge today so it isn’t really speedo weather…. except for in the hottub of course which got a flogging last night – hehehe.

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